Crisanto Cimatu


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Thankfully Thanksgiving.


Had a really great Thanksgiving this year! We started off with special holiday drinks from Go Get 'Em Tiger.

We waited almost 2 hours in line for these drinks as per usual with anything trendy and exclusive in LA. They were pretty good though. Mine was a pumpkin pie themed drink with a little pumpkin pie on it. Lauren got a praline boba drink.


Also per usual with LA- long lines be damned there will always be someone entitled enough to not finish their $9 latte.


My friend Patrick was house/dogsitting in Sherman Oaks so he invited us over to do Thanksgiving there. The dogs name is Charlie and hes this gigantic St. Bernard.


Keeping up with the theme of the day we played this cooking game on Pats Nintendo called Overcooked. We really got into it.


I made a Moroccan spiced turkey breast and Lauren made a skillet green bean casserole. All in all the meal was killer and we had a good time with our friends Andy and Ryan!