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Camping in Lost Coast


We’ve been wanting to do a Lost Coast trip for a while now- and this past weekend we finally got the chance to. Our good friend Kerri at Motobird Adventures organized a great trip for us based on one of her tours. We were joined by Kay an old friend from Baltimore.

We drove up Friday night and stayed in SF before heading out in the morning- it ended up being 8ish hours of driving total. On the way up we stopped in Hopland- a quirky little Norcal town.


Our plan was to stay at the Tolkan Campground in Kings Range Reserve and then hike down to the coast via the Horse Creek trail the next day. The site was small, but very peaceful (minus some loud neighbors the first night). The bugs were crazy this time of year, but compared to back home on the east coast very manageable.

Once we set up camp we cooked a quick dinner and sat around the fire. We even got a surprise visit from a friendly pup.




The next day we hit the trail and started the 4 mile trek down to the Lost Coast from the top of Horse mountain. The trail wound in and out of lush ravines following the course of Horse creek down to the coast. Mostly wooded and shady occasionally we would pop out into a clearing for some stunning views of the mountains and coast.


We made it to the coast in about ~3 hrs and got to soak in some salty air and great seaside views.


After relaxing for a bit we started the loooong trek back up the mountain. All in all we did about 8.5 miles and over 1700ft in elevation.

Needless to say we were incredibly sore and tired.

When we got back to camp I whipped us up some shakshuka over the fire that we ate with everything biscuits that Lauren had made the night before.

After dinner we were so full and sleepy- I didn't even notice the tick that had lodged itself into my leg! Two weeks of antibiotics for me.


The next day we headed out, feeling recharged and a little sad to leave. Kerri drove us up the coast where we stopped along the way for views and food.


We stopped in Ferndale where we ate at this former saloon turned diner where retired cattlemen would spend their days playing cards in the back. We also stopped at Humboldt Redwoods state park and got to see some big 'ol trees.