Crisanto Cimatu


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Labor Day in Idyllwild


For Labor Day this year we did a long weekend out in Idyllwild to see some nature and get out of the city for a little bit. We started off getting brunch at Triniti in Echo Park (which was a ghost town because everyone was out of town it seemed).


Afterwards we drove up to this sweet Airbnb we got right off Tahquitz dr. It was a really cool place with nice rustic touches.



After getting settled and eating some nice double cream brie we hit the town. Not a ton going on but it was sure quaint. Lots of little shops and things made out of wood. We had a nice dinner at this place called Ferro and then called it a night!


The next day we did a nice day hike on the Ernie Maxwell trail and got some great views of Tahquitz peak.


Was a great trip! 10/10 would Idyll this wild again.